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Nuts and bolts are the unseen foundations of an oversized structure. We do not see them, but we all know that it keeps the structure together. Sohal Lal Group is the leading Nut bolt manufacturer and supplier of top quality nuts and bolts. We cater to the requirements of industries across the world.

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What are the types of bolts?

Bolts are a mechanical fastener designed with external threads and paired with a quality ms bolt nut, which is meant to be inserted through holes and used to affix parts together using tightening torque. Unlike screws, which are also externally threaded fasteners, bolts require a nut to function correctly and need a drilled hole into which the bolt could also be inserted.

The principal varieties of bolts commonly used include:

1. Anchor Bolts

Anchor bolts are bolts designed to attach support or component to a concrete slab or poured foundation. Anchor bolts are also present while the concrete structure is being cast, like the plate used on top of a house’s poured foundation.

2. Blind Bolts

Blind bolts consult with a bolt mode that permits the utilization of a fastener in cases where the appliance doesn’t allow access to either side of the bolt to tighten or torque the bolt.

3. Carriage Bolts

Carriage Bolts are a self-locking bolt that affords a security level by employing a flush-mount domed head, allowing access to get rid of or loosen these bolts from the nut side of the bolt only.

4. Double End Bolts

Double-end bolts are sometimes called stud bolts and have a threaded portion on each bolt’s end without a standard head. One end is intended to be threaded into an acceptable hole that has been tapped with a mated thread.

5. Eye Bolts

Eyebolts feature a closed or partially closed-looped end in situ of the standard bolt head. The loop is utilized in some cases for lifting the item to which the attention bolt is attached.

6. Hex Bolts

Hex bolts, also called hexagon head bolts, are a widespread bolt available in standard dimensional inch and metric sizes. These bolts feature a hexagon-shaped head suitable for tightening with a wrench or socket, because the name implies. Hex bolts could also be fully threaded or may feature an unthreaded shoulder.

7. Machine Bolts

Machine bolts are wont to fasten together two fabric pieces and are like hex bolts, except that they will not have a chamfered point and don’t seem to be designed with a washer-bearing surface on the underside of the pinnacle.

8. Penta-Head Bolts

Penta-head bolts are an example of a tamper-resistant bolt, which can be employed in applications where it’s desired to cut back the likelihood that an individual armed with standard tools can loosen or remove the bolt.

9. Round Head Bolts

Similar in appearance to carriage bolts, round head bolts don’t have the square taper beneath the domed head of the bolt and are typically accustomed to join wood.

10. Shoulder Bolts

Shoulder bolts, also called stripper bolts, feature a threaded bolt section of smaller diameter than the bolt’s shoulder. Shoulder bolts are useful for functioning as a shaft or axle containing a rotating part, like a sway or a bushing.

11. Socket Head Bolts

Socket head bolts, also called socket head screws, feature a hollow head that’s tightened using a spanner or hex socket tool. the pinnacle variety of these bolts can vary from a cylindrical profile to a flat-head countersunk style to a domed button head design, counting on the required use.

12. T-Head Bolts

T-head bolts or T-slot bolts feature a head design that permits it to be inserted into a slot or recess, thereby securing the bolt in situ to stop it from turning when the securing nut is tightened.

T-bolts are employed in applications like securing fuel tanks in situ where having access to either side of the fastener might not be possible in all told cases.

13. U-Bolts

U-bolts are fasteners within the letter U’s shape, which contain a threaded portion on each end of the bolt on which a mounting plate bracket and attachment nuts are placed. They are utilized to spread applications from supporting pipe to automotive use on drive shafts and exhaust systems.