Roofing screws

Roofing screws varies in sizes and  shapes  but majorly it is of two types First  is a drill point and the other is a sharp point. Both of them are applicable in either metal or wood roofs.

Sharp Point Roofing Sheet Screws

Roofing screw are designed for attaching roofs and side panels to the post frame and are also used for other metal roofing applications. These screws are also capable of self-piercing metal, which is upto 20 gauge thick

Drill Point roofing sheet screws

Drill point roofing sheet screws are self drilling screws that are intended for joining rooftops and side boards to the post outline and are additionally utilized for other metal material applications. These screws are likewise fit for self-penetrating metal, which is up to 12 measure thick.  
They for the most part have a compound covering on top, which shields them from the unfriendly impacts that are brought about by outer furthest points, for example, residue, water, and wind. Notwithstanding, rusting/consumption stays to be the primary offender with regards to screws losing their auxiliary trustworthiness after some time. Consequently, manufacturers and proprietors apply a zinc covering on the latches as its bleeding edge of guard against rust. 
At SLG Fasteners we provide various Drill point roofing sheet screws, and our clasp are secured with arrangement 10 covering which has numerous layers of assurance; Zinc based treatment, Acid-safe topcoat and a Salt safe base coat