Self Drilling Screws in Delhi

Self Drilling Screws are regular these days and truly necessary screws with regards to sparing time. These truly drill rapidly into metal just as wood. Numerous individuals get confounded between a Self-Tapping Screw and a Self Drilling Screw. A Self Drilling Screw has a drill point and bores its very own opening. It is an advantageous choice as it takes out the two phases of penetrating (on most events) and stops the establishment cycle into a one-venture thing. One helpful hint is – Always utilize Self Drilling screws to bore into a something that is gentler than the screw material.

SLG Fasteners – Leading Self Drilling Screw Manufacturer,Supplier and Exporter in India

Screw Expert Pvt. Ltd. is one of the best Industrial Screws manufacturers, suppliers, & exporters in India, and the leading manufacturer of Self Drilling screws in Delhi.


We provide a wide scope of items in ordinary just as in metric shapes and particulars. Our Self Drilling screws are a mainstream decision for steel outline developments or affixing of different materials to steel outlines. They can likewise be utilized for attaching objects to wood, and are generally used for structures, for example, wooden floors, rooftop decks, and entryways

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