Nut Bolt Manufacturer

Why Choose the Right Nut Bolt Manufacturer?

nut bolt manufacturer

A nut bolt is a commonly used mechanical fasteners connecting two or more parts. Let it be the development of mass-produced articles or steel structures, it comes under a basic tool. You need to find the right nut bolt manufacturer who can provide quality materials so that you can proceed with your work without any second thought in mind. By the end of this article, you will get an idea about the procedure to make nut bolts, their usage and why it is important to choose the right manufacturer for purchasing nut bolts. 

For What Purpose are Nut Bolts Used?

Nut bolts can be used in many ways, such as:

  • It is utilized for combining with the mating bolt and making joints.
  • Nut bots are utilized to hold more than one article together. 
  • You can also use the nut bolts for making solid bands. 
  • Due to high tensile strength and formability, steel nut bolts are the most commonly used fasteners. 
  • Screw manufacturers in India produce various types of bolts using different types of materials. For instance, nylon, a lightweight synthetic plastic material, is used in making the nut bolts corrosion-resistant. 

What is the Process of Nut Bolt Manufacturing?

Nut bolt is one of the most basic components of construction and engineering. In between all these years, production has become an advanced and high-tech process with multiple steps. Nut bolts usually come in various sizes and shapes, but the basic production procedure remains the same. It depends upon the usage of the Fastener and their needs.  

Here is the process that needs to be followed for the nut bolt manufacturing:

  • Cold Forging

It starts with uncoiling large steel wire rods and cutting to length. The wire is cold forged into the right shape by using special tooling. Here the steel is molded at room temperature by forcing it through the series of dies at high pressure. 

There may be a need for additional turning or drilling to produce complex bolt designs that cannot be contoured through cold forging alone. 

  • Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is the standard procedure followed for all the bolts that involve exposing the nut bolts to an extreme temperature to harden the steel. Threading is generally applied before the heat treatment, either by rolling or cutting, while the steel is softer. Since the heat treatment will change the properties of making the steel harder, it is a bit easier and more cost-effective to apply threading beforehand. 

  • Size & Surface

For long bolts, the heat treatment can have an impact on making the steel revert to the round shape of the original steel wire. Hence the process of straightening often needs to be applied. The nut bolt application and our customers’ requirements determine the size and surface treatment. At times the first and foremost concern is Corrosion resistance. For that, the zinc-plated coating is applied through the electrolytic treatment. 

Once all these steps are complete, the nut bolt is finished. Now all that remains is some form of quality control to ensure consistency and uniformity before the bolts can be shipped or packaged. 

Why Select the Right Nut Bolt Manufacturer?

For many projects, fasteners play a key role. However, choosing the right nut bolt manufacturer becomes critical at times. 

There are certain factors you can consider while selecting a nut bolt manufacturer, such as:

  • Go through the company’s online reviews.
  • Choose the manufacturer who can provide you wide range of fasteners.
  • Last but not least, the price of the Fastener and your budget must be on the same page so that you can come up with a good deal.  

If you choose the right nut bolt manufacturer, all these criteria will automatically be checked. For that, the team of Sohanlal Gupta is here to help you at every step. 


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